Our Trustees


The charity is governed by up to nine trustees.  Three of these are nominated by Prestbury Parish Council (PPC), one by Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC) and four are co-opted.  The incumbent of the ecclesiastical Parish of Prestbury is an ex-officio trustee.

The present Trustees are:

Mrs Kate Bishop (PPC)  F 2023-04-28
Revd Nick Bromfield Ex-officio  n/a
M/s Ruth Gibbins (PPC) 2025-12-12
Claire Morris (co-opted) 2026-04-15
Dr Wendy Price (Chairman) (co-opted) E,F 2023-10-16
Mr Nicholas Roach (co-opted)  F 2025-04-29
Mrs Jeneth Slater (PPC)  E,F 2025-07-07
Councillor John Payne (CBC) F 2024-07-31
Mr Nigel Woodcock (co-opted)  E 2025-04-09


E = serves on the Emergency Relief Committee.

F =  serves on the Finance Committee.

The dates show the ends of their periods as trustees.