Application Form

For individuals seeking help a form needs to be completed.  The form may be downloaded here (PDF 667KB).  Please print, complete and return it to the clerk (at the address shown on the form).  We normally expect such applications through a supporting professional person.


  • Please fill in all areas of the form as completely and legibly as possible using black ink.
  • Ensure that personal details, email addresses and mobile phone numbers are clear to enable us to contact you if necessary.
  • Complete the financial details section very carefully, using the amounts per month only. Please ensure that you include all sources of income you receive, and all expenditure as accurately as possible.
  • Give details of what items you would like the charity to provide as clearly as possible, with product details and price quotations, eg a link to a website showing the item and price, or a written quotation from a carpet/ other goods supplier..
  • Please note that the Charity does not give grants of money directly to applicants.
  • Explain clearly why you need help from the Prestbury United Charities
  • It is very important that your application is supported by an independent professional person eg social worker, family support worker, housing advisor etc who must put their full details and sign the form. We do not accept neighbours, friends and relatives as supporters.
  • Sign and date the form after reading the information about data protection. This signature agrees to your information being shared with the Charity Trustees, and agrees to the Charity making contact with your professional supporter.